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Politics Etc.

“The ignorance of one voter in a democracy impairs the security of all.” - JFK
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O'Leary: don't write me in (even though I may still be running); Fla candidate pillories Perry; Biden campaigns for Keating; Both parties have a party; Grossman hurls accusations at Polito over Sox plates; Globe, MetroWest Daily endorse Connaughton

New Keating TV and Internet ad is a zinger

      Above is the just released TV ad from the Keating for Congress campaign.

O'Leary: don't write me in

In a letter to the Cape Cod Times, Senator Robert O'Leary responded to an effort to write him in on the ballot next week by saying, "please don't". Instead, O'Leary calls upon voters in the 10th District to give their complete support to Bill Keating, the Democratic candidate for Congress. O'Leary lost to Keating in the Democratic primary in September.

O'Leary calls Perry a "poor" candidate with an "ineffective" legislative record and claims Keating is the candidate the district should be sending to Washington after next week's election.

Read Senator O'Leary's letter in the Cape Cod Times here.


O'Leary still advertising his candidacy on Google

Rob O'Leary IS supporting Bill Keating, but as yet another example of how badly his campaign for the Democratic nomination was, his ad is still at the top of the page when you do a search for "Jeff Perry", "Bill Keating", Mass 10th District, and lord knows how many other search terms.

The ad appears at the top of these pages like this:

And clicking on it brings you to his campaign website.


The Commonwealth's Democrats and Republicans are Independents

In a recent article by the Associated Press, a review of Massachusetts voting numbers reveals that 52% of the Commonwealth's voters are unenrolled.  Statewide, 36% of the remaining registered voters are Democrats and 11 % are Republicans.

Registered Republicans are the strongest in number in Barnstable County with 17%.

Read the complete AP story at here.


Two 10th Congressional District fundraisers

Competing fundraisers will be held on Cape Cod this week by the two major party candidates on for Congress.

Republican Barnstable County Sheriff James Cummings will be hosting a fundraiser for Jeff Perry tonight, Wednesday, October 27, 2010, at the Resort & Conference Center at Hyannis on Scudder Ave. in Hyannis. It starts at 5:30 p.m.

A committee of prominent Democrats will be hosting a fundraiser for Bill Keating tomorrow, Thursday, October 28, 2010, at the Hyannis Golf Club on Route 132 in Hyannis beginning at 6 p.m.  The committee is comprised of  Martin Reilly, Lou Nickeinello, Eric Turkington, Thelma Goldstein, Janet Joakim, Tom Rugo, Kathy Ohman, Ned Dever, Mary Pat Flynn and Bob Isadore.


Grossman hurls accusations at Polito over Sox vanity plates

Accuses opponent of robbing Jimmy Fund of  "an awful lot of money"

The Boston Globe reported yesterday that family and friends of Republican State Treasurer candidate Karyn Polito had received 68 of the first 100 Red Sox charity plates issued by the RMV.

Her opponent, Democrat Steve Grossman took a swing at Polito, calling it "an abuse of power".

As State Rep, Polito filed the bill allowing the Red Sox to issue plates through the RMV in 2002. At the time, the baseball organization designated the Jimmy Fund as the recipient of the registration surcharge on each plate. 

To Grossman's demand that her family and friends turn the plates in (including #2 owned by Polito herself) and that they be auctioned off for charity, Polito said she did nothing wrong.  "I took the lead and worked with friends and family to collect the pledges so that we could create the Red Sox license plate to benefit the Jimmy Fund," said Polito.

Read the complete story in the Boston Globe here.


Tea Partiers dress Obama pics in black-face, burn him in effigy
Jeff Perry a factor in a South Florida race as well

Wasserman-Schultz then went on to describe West as one of a group of "Tea Party extremists" that includes Jeff Perry who "have some real issues when it comes to women."

The Perry campaign has become so toxic in the last week, that even Fox News is decrying his conduct vis a vis a Florida Congressional race.

They report that a Florida Democratic Congresswoman demonstrating outside the office of a black Republican Congressional candidate said Friday that her protest is unlike Tea Party gatherings because there are no "pictures of the president in black-face or burned in effigy."

The candidate, Rep. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz and other supporters of Orlando-area Rep. Ron Klein, gathered outside the headquarters of Tea Party-favored candidate Allen West to demonstrate against West's contributions to a Miami biker magazine that Wasserman-Schultz says degrades women as well.

Read the Fox News story here.


Globe, MetroWest Daily News endorse Connaughton

The Connaughton camp Tuesday, announced that the Boston Globe and MetroWest Daily News endorsed the Republican candidate for State Auditor.

Mary Connaughton is running against Democrat Suzanne Bump.  The Globe called Connaughton's record "solid" saying, "she has the skills to boost the professional standards of the auditor’s staff and the strong will necessary to intensify the scrutiny of state programs."

MetroWest Daily News echoed the Globe's statement, calling the Republican candidate "strong, honest, skilled and credible."

Read the Globe endorsement here. Read the MetroWest Daily News endorsement here. Click here to learn more about Connaughton's campaign.


Vice President Joseph Biden to campaign for Bill Keating

A source close to the campaign confirmed for The Patriot Ledger that Vice President Joe Biden will attend a Saturday morning rally for Democrat William Keating in Quincy.
     If Mr. Keating wins, his path to Congress will mirror that of Delahunt, a Quincy Democrat, who served as a state legislator and Norfolk County District Attorney before running for the House seat.
     Read the story in the Patriot Ledger here.

Two State Police associations give Perry the nod

The Boston Herald announced yesterday that two Massachusetts State Police associations, the State Police Association of Massachusetts and the State Police Commissioned Officers Association, have endorsed Republican Jeff Perry in the 10th District Congressional race.

According to Rick Brown, the president of the State Police Association of Massachusetts, the group's endorsement is based on Perry's "legislative accomplishments" and "stated commitment to public safety."

Neither group acknowledged Lisa Allen recently speaking out about the 1991 illegal strip-search by then Wareham Police Officer Scott Flanagan or Perry's reaction to the incident now.  According to Allen, Perry, Flanagan's supervisor, stood by and did nothing as she screamed and cried for help.

Read the article in the Boston Herald here.


Blog posts and comments are entirely the thoughts and ideas of the people who write them and in no way represent the views of, eCape, Inc., or its employees or owners.

10/27/10 @ 6:47 am
Dave Kent [Member] writes:
Hmmm... can anybody show a single legislative accomplilshment by Perry that the police groups could be referring to?

And then, it looks like these police groups have the same priorities that Perry had 17 years ago: Protecting your colleague in blue is more important than protecting 14 and 16 year old girls.

How can police groups endorse Perry after Lisa Allen spoke, essentially proving that Perry watched her being stripped searched? Unbelievable.
10/27/10 @ 7:04 am
bittersweet [Member] writes:
The power of the State against individuals. That's Perry and his supporters.
10/27/10 @ 8:37 am
breeze [Member] writes:
Do these police groups think they are making us respect police by endorsing one of their own who has fouled the nest?
10/27/10 @ 9:04 am
clambelly [Member] writes:
These entire Police "Nazi Gestapo" organizations are going to be having "The Boots put to them" by we the citizens, their family members and friends. What endorsements,....... could it be more clear? Sheriff Jim Cummings, again ----- :(-)
10/27/10 @ 9:21 am
clambelly [Member] writes:
Vote out Feuhrer Coakley - she is your State's Gypsy Queen and the left boot of our nations public enemy number one, FBI Dir. Robert S. Meuller III.

Signed - Kevin M. Mulvey - uncle of Crista Worthington's political assassination, hitman, Shawn R. Mulvey.
10/27/10 @ 10:02 am
mr. neutron [Member] writes:
Polito a hack's hack.

She was so concerned about getting the 1,500 pledges that she pounded the pavement and went to...her family.

You could get 1,500 pledges in an hour outside Fenway. And guess what? Those would have been Mass residents who have probably been supporting the Jimmy Fund for years.
10/27/10 @ 10:19 am
crusader [Member] writes:
Morning clam,

Are we ready for more shock and horror from the right-wing thugs?

Remember the good old days when journalists could actually write about corruption?

Perry endorsers:

"Our district attorney has proven himself unfit for the job, both professionally and personally; professionally by trying to coerce DNA samples from every able-bodied man in an entire Cape Cod town (supposedly to solve a crime for which he already had the evidence he wanted in hand), personally by tawdry attempts to parlay his position and privileged information into a sexual relationship with a woman writer. It's not up to us to establish whether there has been abuse of power in Sheriff Cummings' domain, or corruption, or why five deputy sheriffs (supposedly checked out before they were hired) have been arrested on everything from shoplifting to drunk driving to weapons violations to assault and domestic abuse".
10/27/10 @ 10:50 am
clambelly [Member] writes:
Former DA Rollins/MSP LT. Jim Cummings- now County Sheriff and DA Muggs O'keefe's Campaign Manager has quite the organized criminal background. He has long a standing and deep roots in Cape Cod's Self-Service, Badge wearing, gun toting CRIME CLUB. Get'em. :)
10/27/10 @ 11:15 am
cmore [Member] writes:
just finished reading your masscops article, and I can tell you personally it is full of lies!!

Ritchie 787 doesn't happen to be a disgruntled ex-employee does he?
10/27/10 @ 11:38 am
crusader [Member] writes:

Which of Richie's comments are full of lies? Could it be that you are another rogue supporter/sympathizer?
10/27/10 @ 11:48 am
crusader [Member] writes:
Shall we revisit the long list of criminal violations by the sheriff's deputies that made the Cape Cod Times headlines when they were being investigated by the ethic's commission?

Or maybe we should go down that dark road with Falmouth PD and how they turned on one of their own--officer Busby and his young family. I guess those trash contracts were just too good to pass up, so they decided to toss one of their own under Melvin's speeding bus.

DNA swab of Truro? Everyone except the TPD. Sure, that sounds fair, seeing that some may have known the victim personally. Members of the Truro fire department? Just add them to the list. Bob George said their prints were all over her house when they were trying to collect evidence--but hey, just let it go, you know how it is--some always get the pass.

Van Ness and the Brazilian speed racer clocked at 90 mph on cobblestone path leading to Cape Cod bath water....sure, his car was really a flying saucer that could hover side to side...please, there is so much bullshit from these stories, it's no wonder Perry has become the LIAR he is today.
10/27/10 @ 11:57 am
cmore [Member] writes:
when I tell you I just finished reading your link,what the heck does that have to do with politics? Is this really the way you talk to people in real life,away from your computer?
10/27/10 @ 11:58 am
chowdaah [Visitor] writes:
"Nevada Ballots Cast for Angle Flip to Reid"
10/27/10 @ 12:00 pm
cmore [Member] writes:
And as mom always said:Believe half of what you see and none of what your told!
10/27/10 @ 12:03 pm
cmore [Member] writes:
Which of Richie's comments are full of lies? Could it be that you are another rogue supporter/sympathizer?

He's a lawyer after all!!!!!!!!!!
10/27/10 @ 12:07 pm
crusader [Member] writes:
Hey clam,

I missed this July:

Former Mashpee police chief won't face charges

July 07--MASHPEE -- The former deputy police chief accused of stealing a department handgun and shipping it to his ex-wife in Florida won't face criminal charges.

Todino, 53, a 17-year veteran of the department, was accused in September of stealing a department gun as a new shipment arrived in 2005. He resigned from the department in October to avoid facing a disciplinary hearing.

"The district attorney and state police investigated it fully," Todino said in a brief phone interview last week. "They determined I was not at fault."

So let me guess--who's fault is it? The How about the mail carrier? The US postal warehouse delivery driver? The guy who hired you?

10/27/10 @ 12:12 pm
clambelly [Member] writes:

This is where Cape Cod is soon headed, under these clowns. ;-)

So deserved.
10/27/10 @ 12:14 pm
crusader [Member] writes:
"The district attorney and state police investigated it fully," Todino said in a brief phone interview last week. "They determined I was not at fault."

As a matter of FACT, somewhere, I've heard these words spoken before--

Could it be the words on Perry's lips....and repeated by the dimwit posters...

"Oh, he was cleared by the MSP, the DA, the Sheriff, the pastor, the Tea Party knitting needle champion at Baker's rally this weekend...her infamous words, "she doesn't have a case", referring to the 14 year old victim who was screaming for Jeff Perry when Flanagan was illegally strip searching her...

Let's see, can we get a quote from the Pope in Rome, will he be next on the list to cleanse Perry's soul and grant him holy forgiveness?

Stay tuned....maybe the corporate GOP could have the far reaching tentacles into the Vatican for Jeff Perry....
10/27/10 @ 12:15 pm
cmore [Member] writes:
I guess you think I,m a cop and a rep.,well Cru guess again.
10/27/10 @ 12:16 pm
crusader [Member] writes:

Frankly, I don't give a damn who you are...what you are, that's clear.
10/27/10 @ 12:20 pm
cmore [Member] writes:
I suppose those were the only mexican police that were left, after Mexico fired 2500 of them for taking drug money to look the other way.
10/27/10 @ 12:21 pm
clambelly [Member] writes:

You forgot Cardinal Law. :-0
10/27/10 @ 12:22 pm
cmore [Member] writes:
isn't that your great comeback line when you can't think of anything else to say?
10/27/10 @ 12:22 pm
clambelly [Member] writes:
Sounds just like Cape Cod and most of our nations Chiefs now.
10/27/10 @ 12:25 pm
cmore [Member] writes:
And girl would you learn how to spell, it,s cmore.
10/27/10 @ 12:27 pm
crusader [Member] writes:

Cardinal Law--no, haven't forgotten that one who got away and also covered for bad priests for over 3 decades. No entrance to the pearly gates, clam if you go after a pedophile enabling priest, don't cha-know.

Here's more on that illegally shipped and stolen gun by the former chief--

"Todino is still in line to receive his pension for his 17 years with the department where he started as a dispatcher. His base salary was $98,436 in 2009 as the department's second in command. He also continues to practice as an attorney with an office listed in Buzzards Bay".

So, let me get this straight: One cop is fired for reasons we don't know, turns in the chief (also a lawyer--love it. I mean why not, just have a conflict of interest crime fest all around) for stealing a new gun from the department. The chief mails it to his wife in Florida. They have no witnesses and clear the chief, but he resigns.

He resigns so he doesn't have to face a criminal investigation.

Gee, didn't Perry resign from WPD--oh, that's right, he decided selling caskets in Florida was a more esteemed career.
10/27/10 @ 12:29 pm
crusader [Member] writes:
And why does a chief need to steal a freakin' gun when he's making over $98k! Plus, he's a lawyer?

Hold on--aren't there Federal Law Violations for mailing a gun? They couldn't prove he did it, so how did it get mailed to Florida? By carrier pigeon?
10/27/10 @ 12:35 pm
crusader [Member] writes:
Maybe you should get more training on the's spelled "it's"....not it,s....

cmore and seymour are the same....get it?

Maybe try a spot of whiskey in that black coffee.

10/27/10 @ 12:39 pm
clambelly [Member] writes:
I remember this entire scheme and scam - he's but one in a long list in the self-service law enforcement organized crime clubs. No different than organized pedophile priests, actually. Most are COWARDLY,BETRAYING PREDATORY PERVERTS. The FBI Club, The MA State Police Club, Barnstable County Sheriffs Club.

Give to the PBA? Arm yourselves, many need taking down!
10/27/10 @ 12:48 pm
crusader [Member] writes:

I just read the link you posted. I've been hearing similar stories for months. Sounds like it's reached epic proportions.

My family members have moved to the islands and left Mexico city sometime last year.

Maybe they should bring our troops back and get some control on the streets. I'm for the legalization of certain drugs because I'm convinced there will be less corruption. Maybe their would be less dirty cops dealing drugs and using informants the way they do. Gee, what a concept--imagine, less people going to jail, less strip searches on innocent young females. But we know there is far too much money involved for it to go away. We need to educate our young not to do drugs. If we have no demand--we will have no demand. How we get there is not an easy road.

Think of all the jobs that will be cut? The oourts would have less case loads, the lawyers will have less clients. They could all focus on other areas of crime...

LIKE--WHITE COLLAR. I'm sure there would be a lot of big payoffs in that sector. Who wants to go after someone deemed too "important"? IT TAKES REAL WORK.
10/27/10 @ 12:50 pm
crusader [Member] writes:
If we have NO DEMAND--will will have NO SUPPLY.
10/27/10 @ 12:55 pm
cmore [Member] writes:
Sorry I don't get it.You two girls(if thats what you would call yourselves)just crack me up!
10/27/10 @ 1:04 pm
clambelly [Member] writes:

I'd bet that of all the girls around here, you'd be one of the first ones to drop the soap intentionally! ;^)
10/27/10 @ 1:05 pm
Walker [Member] writes:
"Clearly Debbie Wasserman-Schultz is nuts," West campaign manager Josh Grodin said. "She's a whack job."

Ain't that the truth. Hopefully she and Ron Klein will be going the way of Charlie Crist.
10/27/10 @ 1:09 pm
crusader [Member] writes:
LOL...clam, you're so bad.

For many years, I never knew what "soap on a rope" reference was....

It reminds me of that DOGGS post..."can't we all get along...if you two fine fellows are riding in the back--who's driving"?
10/27/10 @ 1:17 pm
crusader [Member] writes:

How many journalists from Cape Cod Times were shown the door for their illuminating headlines--"Sheriff's deputies investigated by the Ethics Commission" and the stories on towel man...too many to name, how can you even keep track.

I recall one of the best journalists I followed from Boston Magazine, Keohane--ended up on a one way trip to the big apple after his most revealing story on "Maximum Mike Goes to Washington", remember that one? And McPhee's, "Busted". Sure, the only dirty cops out there are only black and Hispanics, of course! Maybe they will also deem them all illegals and send them over the border. But one part of that story was rather surprising revealing--the woman who was dragged into the backseat of a cruiser, only to run off with his badge while he pants were down--too bad the Herald didn't get a glossy headline on that one--puns intended. She runs into the station with the badge and hands it over to his chief. LOL!

And dirty rat posters outing me for posting on break time? How about when they're in the back seat getting jollies on $$$$$$ WORK TIME?

10/27/10 @ 1:17 pm
clambelly [Member] writes:
Reminds me of one of the earliest phone conversations I had with Bob George, in Feb. 2007. "SO THAT GOT YOU TOO".

I called from a phone booth 75 miles away from my then prison confine(aka-Home)in those very bad days. Floridah be gone - Floridah be gone - Say it enough and puuuff! Majick - Back to Oz.
10/27/10 @ 1:20 pm
crusader [Member] writes:

Oh, look, Tom is back for more giggles....LOL. Catch up to you later, clam. I think I've had enough of LE corruption and their not so secret criminal enterprise, for one session.

Hang in there....
10/27/10 @ 1:23 pm
clambelly [Member] writes:
Later Cru,

They are such party fizzlers aren't they? We'll save the fire works for other days. ;^)
10/27/10 @ 1:26 pm
clambelly [Member] writes:
Tom is back - lol - *CIPO
10/27/10 @ 1:50 pm
perryback [Member] writes:
I am pleased to announce that NAMBLA now proudly supports Jeff Perry. We hope he will continue his good work in Congress.
10/27/10 @ 2:12 pm
righthook [Member] writes:
perryback -

Really? Come're better than that.

I'm reminded of how musicians/bands have many, many years to write the songs for their first album which for that reason is usually their best.

Or when Josh Lyman on "The West Wing" fills in as press secretary and says to a reporter "You really want your one question to be that stupid?"

You've had how long for your one first post and that's your masterpiece?

Cru, Bitter, someone get me at least a decent Perry the Pervert joke.
10/27/10 @ 2:15 pm
righthook [Member] writes:
By the way all...still waiting for CCToday and CCTimes breaking news about Keating, ummm, "misspeaking" about being before the stimulus bill before he was against it, and then for it again.

Please cue the Jeopardy Final Question music.
10/27/10 @ 2:39 pm
Walker [Member] writes:
perryback writes:

"I am pleased to announce that NAMBLA now proudly supports Jeff Perry. We hope he will continue his good work in Congress."

Was the vote unanimous in your chapter?
10/27/10 @ 2:42 pm
righthook [Member] writes:

Are you on tour supporting your first post. Are you working on the follow up post?
10/27/10 @ 2:42 pm
cmore [Member] writes:
to funny.
10/28/10 @ 7:56 am
perryback [Member] writes:
NAMBLA will be holding a get out the vote fundraiser for Jeff Perry this weekend in Sandwich. Hope to see you there. Help send Perry to Washington so he may continue his fine work with children.
10/28/10 @ 8:50 am
righthook [Member] writes:
"Perryback - Second Album Sours Fans"

Sandwich, MA October 28, 2010

Perryback (former Nickelback drummer) released his much anticapted follow up album to the hit first effort "NAMBLA". Fans lined up at their computers early this morning to hear the 7:56 am internet release. Fans were hoping for a more thoughtful record, but were oh so disappointed with the same weak tone and creative masterpiece displayed on the first record.

Fellow rockers Crusader, Bittersweet, TRB, and Richard were noticably absent at the premier.

Nickelback singer Chad Kroeger issued a statement saying "This is why we kicked Perryback out of the band"
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